Multi-Language Support
The Multi-Language feature of this software allows you to setup your web application in multiple languages. So, you can have a multilingual website with the ability to create language files from the admin control panel as well as local files. The multi-language options allows you to create new language files, manage languages, edit language variables, save them, create language translators, assign translators to selected language(s), manage translator accounts etc. Multi-Language edition has the support for automatic detection of end-user's system language so that the knowledge base content can be displayed in the auto-detected language. The multi-language edition comes with the English language file by default, however you have the facility to create other language files of your choice and translate the language file variables from both admin control panel as well as editing local / remote files ftp.

Multi-Language Features of Eicra Script
  • The multi-language featured of this software has full support for languages with multi-byte characters such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Korean.
  • Non-Latin char sets including non-UTF-8 encodings and special characters are supported.
  • Full support for RTL languages and ability to specify the language direction i.e. LTR or RTL.
  • You can have unlimited number of languages for your website but one language has be defaulted.
  • Languages can be made active/inactive for visibility on the public area of your website.
  • Special user account for language translators so that they can login to the admin area and translate the language file(s) assigned to them.
  • Ability to set a default language for the public area.
  • User can change and reset their language from frontend.
  • Ability to see who recently made changes to the language file and when.
  • Facility for the users (readers) to access the content under various active languages via an easily accessible language selection menu. Predominantly, one running instance is to represent for one language only. To run a site under multiple language simultaneously, you need multiple instance (e.g, ch. etc) coming up with a homepage with flag to split traffic to various instances based on visitor locals.
  • Coming up with the facility to associate different language versions of an article so that when an article is being viewed in English, the user can switch to another language version of the same article via language selection menu and vice-versa. System will change the language of default text upon sleeting the language file when you can edit through .ini files not data added by members or admin. It is up to site admin. It is up to members or admin liberty to add listing to his / her own languages and system will render exactly how it saved to the database / backend.

In Built Languages (Both Frontend and Backend)
01 USA (English)
02 Spain Spain (Español)
03 Germany German (Deutsch)
04 France French (Français)
05 Saudi Arabia Arabic (العربية)
06 Turkey Turkish (Türk)
07 Bangladesh Bengali (বাঙ্গালী)
Language Documentation:
Please find the language documentation link below for your clear understanding:

  1. How to add Flag of my country to render into our Language?
  2. Language architecture and it hierarchical overview.
  3. Localize a new language.