Footer Part of Page

One or more lines of text that appears at the bottom of every page of a document are known as footer. The footer is also treated as its own section of the web page, separate from the header, content, and sidebars. Footer is important for two reasons one, it displays potential technical information for users and secondly this can be accomplished with advertisements, design, images and media. In STEP-1 you can see there are advertisement, social media, important links and copyrights on the frontend footer part.

The Footer typically contains:
1. Copyright information
2. Sitemap
3. Contact information
4. Back to top links
5. By-line or authorship information
6. Related documents
7. CSS / JS

Apart from all, we try our best to enusre user friendly with the software system so this is the article about footer part and how you can customize or mange your footer part according to your choice.