Unlimited Number of Login Users

An extensive roles and permissions system allows managers and owners to have full control over the agents access to the listing database, contact information and any other sensitive information.

The growth of internet enabled smartphones and tablet devices is staggering. Mobile is fast becoming the most widely used ways to research and search the Internet.Manage both your sale and rental properties from the one interface. A feature unique allows you to 'turn off' either the rental side or the sales side. So you can have the following combination of search options on your website: Property Sales Listings or Property Rental Listings or Property Sales and Rental Listings. You can instantly switch the options for rental and search and the front end search box will automatically be updated with the correct search options. The Script4Realestate.com is a robust and fully engaging SEO solution that works for you behind the scenes for all languages.

By having a dedicated mobile website you can capture this market and present your sales and rental properties in the correct format ready for viewing on a mobile enabled smartphone or device.